These are things we have used to develop our own skill sets or to make our life in the NFP a lil bit easier. We love these programs for their diversity, authenticity, accessibility, and resources. The truth is, you don’t need to have a university degree for everything in life. Our online world is rich with information and tools that are available at all times.


This is a free, online course that guides you through a series of videos that outline tools that can be used to help your business and give you in-depth knowledge of this internet market world we live in. When you’re finished you get a Google Digital Garage diploma.


Google keep is a free tool that helps you keep and access notes across all devices – even ones that aren’t yours! With your notes stored online, and options to share them, get reminders, make lists, and more it’s all you will need to keep your thoughts and lists organized!


There are a million different calendar apps, but the accessibility of google calendar is unmatched. It’s what we use to keep you updated on the events coming  up in herHABITAT, how we remind ourselves of things we need to do (Google Keep directly ties in with it, making notes with work reminders for certain days a breeze to keep track of) and that it ties in seamlessly with all the other google apps isn’t bad either. It’s free, it’s got a clean design, it’s easy to use and efficient.


The best way to organize communication in a work setting. Free from traditional social media platforms, slack is a diverse and functional tool used to stay in contact with the right people, in the right way.


If you’re like us, not all of your resources for knowledge and communication come from “traditional” sources. We love this app for it’s built in functions that teach you about the moon and it’s current cycles, but also because of it’s in-depth and accurate depictions of the 72 tarot cards. It also helps that it’s pretty to look at and designed by an entrepreneurial woman who’s doing a kick-ass job at running her own businesses + apps!


You may have seen this in the “books” section of our resources, but it’s way more than just that. This 12 week program will guide you through your own unburial; learning to unlearn, placing our roots carefully and thoughtfully. How to create and manifest our own lives. It’s a powerful, transformational tool that can be used over and over again in life. And it’s for everyone – not just artists and creative types.

Know something that should be here? Comment below or let us know here.


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