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Celibacy : Cause + Effect

I spent this time on focusing my “highest and best use of vital energy” on vital tasks. If I had been so focused on work, yet distracted by sex, then it was time to truly focus on this work. On school, on personal development, on herHABITAT, on moving across the country, on my non-sexual relationships…After 7 months I had effectively decided and planned to move across the country, finished school getting 100% on my last exam, travelled to Halifax 3 times… and on.

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COMMUNITY: #humansofOGyoga

It took walking in the door to realize this studio was different… No one was hindered. Everyone looked comfortable. The people who were keeping to themselves had an air of relaxation instead of forced isolation. The teachers were happily chatting with the students. I realized, before even signing up, “holy shit this is a community. “

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Follow The Hoax

My point is, it doesn’t harm you to believe in something. It can actually be greatly beneficial to open yourself up to something that may seem like a hoax. It may feel silly to sit with headphones on and your eyes closed listening to a soothing voice and ocean waves, but what do you have to lose from trying?

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Lessons From 31 Days of Yoga

Over all, I learned to be real with myself. I learned that my ego is telling me I deserve the things that won’t serve me. That fear is what keeps me from doing things that seem strange, like guided meditation. That progress is a slow, and often fickle bitch that will not give me what I want but instead keeps me aware of what I need.

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