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Elk Falls & Provoked Thoughts

Since so much of me is this foliage, I too, experience an unmasking of sorts as my walls that support my ego decide on a different floor plan. “Needs more space!” is the declaration and just when I thought things were starting to settle my map seems to change again. There is no getting to know yourself, there is only creating yourself. Only the observance of that only constant; the reality of never-not-broken.

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“We know that sometimes fear comes from ourselves and sort of egging on our anxieties but I think it another part of where fear comes from is from societal pressure about what we are supposed to be doing and like your obligation as a person, as an artist, as a business person. When you decide to delve into this creative world there is a process to it.. a definite process and people are always going to be a part of that, watching that. fear comes from society basically saying this is the way you should be doing and creativity is saying fuck, no, thats now how I’m doing it and those things contradict themselves every time you try to work them together.”

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Gardening Realities

“WAKE UP TO THE WAYS WE HABITUALLY IGNORE THAT WHICH IS REAL; NOT TO SAY THAT OUR REALITY IS TOTALLY & WHOLLY TRUTHFUL. NO CONSTRUCTION IS. BUT WE CAN WAKE UP – FIND AWARENESS AMONGST IT… Dig your hands in the earth deeply, and remember to ask questions because these parts of our connections are […]

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Is there anything you would like to change about yourself? Why?

I want to improve my stamina, not to be knocked down so easily. Art sensitized me to a point of fragility and this is a weakness. If I let my art consume me, I will not be a functioning person in society. It’s ironic how art is meant to bring out your soft side, but that can be the very thing that brings you down. It’s scary. I’m trying to be more conscious of how I feel when I’m creating. 

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WE’RE HIRING – Join us in Toronto this summer for amazing opportunities in hosting events and workshops. With room to grow and learn, as well as creative freedom in developing your own ideas!

– creative
– dedicated
– innovated
– practice self-care
– community oriented
– wellness oriented

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To Live A Life of Meditation

I’d like to start this off in a humble fashion by saying I never really know what I’m talking about. Here, or anywhere. What I speak from is in a constant state of fluctuation that is based upon my deepest inquiries and the paths these thoughts take me on. But since I’ve been thinking so […]

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Eve Merch Launch

Eve is made by women for women. The empowerment comes full circle and all proceeds from these projects will go straight into making more of this work accessible to more women. 

Eve The Zine shirts and hats can be found here and will be available to the public in 5 short days (April 1st)

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Why Is It So Hard To Accept?

Appreciation is the lost aspect of acceptance. I have noticed an decrease in appreciation, and an increase in expectation. Not only of others, but in ourselves mainly. We have devalued what we give and do so much that when others want to appreciate that or give back we simply can’t fathom it. We expect so much of ourselves and appreciate so little of what we do.

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