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Celibacy : Cause + Effect

I spent this time on focusing my “highest and best use of vital energy” on vital tasks. If I had been so focused on work, yet distracted by sex, then it was time to truly focus on this work. On school, on personal development, on herHABITAT, on moving across the country, on my non-sexual relationships…After 7 months I had effectively decided and planned to move across the country, finished school getting 100% on my last exam, travelled to Halifax 3 times… and on.

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We’ve finally caught up to the editing of all our episodes to date! We have the last 2 episodes up, completing this chapter of Impractical Women’s Studies. 

Season 2 will launch on Friday, July 6th! Stay tuned for a new twist on the series of IWS with Forest Greenwell and Teagan Johnston on our facebook live feed.

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We wanted a podcast that felt like you were hanging out with your friends in your living room. So after many days of hanging out and talking in the living room we decided to actually do it. We hope you enjoy our stories, experiences, and advice. We hope you feel at home, and we definitely hope you laugh.

If you have anything you want to hear us talk about, or want to be a guest, please e-mail us with inquiries at with the subject “PODCAST”.

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Sexual Healing (& Other Inquiries)

Sexuality is one of the biggest things to learn about yourself. It takes the longest, has the biggest impact, and also can be the most difficult to navigate. It’s something I still struggle with everyday.  I don’t identify as bi-sexual, or asexual, or straight, or whatever else there is out there. I’ve dated a lot of […]

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