Impractical Women’s Studies / Episode 3

*NEW PODCAST* In this episode Teagan and Forest deal with the repercussions and stigma brought on with the #metoo hashtag, our own experiences and advice around these topics, and how we hope to change and improve how we cope societally with these things.

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Letting It Go

We went home and the feeling continued to burn inside me, like a fire that started out small years ago, that I poured tears onto to keep at bay and I had tamed it for years, but I was done crying, I was mad and I was run dry. I knew now I could either let it burn me or I had to let it out.

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Shut The F*ck Up About My Sexual Assault

I refuse to let my future daughter grow up in a world where I don’t have dirt under my nails from trying my damnedest to dig up the truth, the secrets, the belief that these are things that shouldn’t be spoken about. That the best way is to stay silent. That nothing is fucking wrong. I will not plant my good will in a ground that has been fertilized by fear and hatred and violence.

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