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fire and ice

fire and ice / Juma Perez/

She stood, exalted above her surroundings, intimidating yet hallowed. Beautiful in her sleep, it was almost impossible to believe that she was the chasm to hell. Oh how easy it is to forget, that when there is grace, there is wrath.

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Bellydance For Self-Care

Bellydancing For Self-Care /
Working with us to create safe spaces for exploration of movement and emotions in our community, this is one of our favourite ways to pair up these often opposing parts of the self. But the true craft of these workshops lays not in the specific pairings, but in that it shows you a unique way of pairing up passions. Of being able to encompass the entirety of yourself – or at least more than one aspect. It is about collaboration on a multitude of levels.

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Gardening Realities

“WAKE UP TO THE WAYS WE HABITUALLY IGNORE THAT WHICH IS REAL; NOT TO SAY THAT OUR REALITY IS TOTALLY & WHOLLY TRUTHFUL. NO CONSTRUCTION IS. BUT WE CAN WAKE UP – FIND AWARENESS AMONGST IT… Dig your hands in the earth deeply, and remember to ask questions because these parts of our connections are […]

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Open Mic Night

The first herHABITAT that was open to the public was our Open Mic. It was a warm evening filled with talent, love, laughter, joy, and community. As people roamed in off the street or to come support their friends, the small intimate space was soon filled and glowing with anticipation as well as the candles that lit the room.

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What is the most challenging part about creating for you?

Creating on a schedule because art for me is emotionally charged and time is not.

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How has your art brought about an understand of yourself/your world? I believe photography can show you two different points of view in the world. It can show you the overwhelming sadness, hurt, and negativity of it or photography can teach you to see the beauty of it. My art is portrait photography; it has […]

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The Positive Side of Social Media

Losing sight of what exactly is being shared is easy. To conglomerate all of the photos, tweets, and status updates that put the things to congratulate in a box with the Victoria’s Secret ads and consumerism seems like it makes sense. But our individual experiences are not consumerism.

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