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Little Coyote / Sophomore Album Project

Our IWS co-host and herHABITAT Collective member, Teagan Johnston is recording her sophomore Little Coyote album. We’re so excited to see what comes of this new project with producer Erin Tonkon! If you want to be involved in the project here is a link to how you can help, and if you want to stay […]

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IWS / Episode 2

EPISODE 2: Artist dissociation, imposter syndrome, what it’s like to produce and publish your own work, trying to find balance and what “balance” looks like when you’re in the midst of creation. Abolishing the idea of the starving artist, understanding why we make the art, and your part in all of that. It’s a good as hell episode and we hope you enjoy.

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I love that so many of my friends are talented musicians. In pop, classic, jazz, indie, rock, and hip-hop. When they produce music that I want to listen to (which is always if I’m being real) it’s hard not to share that with the world. When I got this in my mailbox the first thing […]

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What does spirituality mean to you? How do you bring it into practice?
Most of my spirituality revolves around waiting for the song. Waiting for the feeling in my body that tells me to start writing.I guess for me, spirituality is a sense of connectivity- with my craft, with other people. Standing in a room and sensing that I am a part of a greater whole.

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