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Knowledge Creates Power

Once I began to look at it objectively and not give it the power to understand it only experientially was when I began to feel empowered again. I had always had the knowledge, but I had never used the knowledge to scrutinize my experience and make better choices. To understand that how I am feeling is real, but also that my ability to be in control is real too. 

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How has your art brought about an understanding of yourself/your world?

As a kid, literature provided me with an escape from reality, so I could step away from our world and find comfort at Hogwarts (and Narnia, and Oz, etc. etc.) with kind and inspiring characters. As an adult, I’ve learned to come back from those journeys and take the lessons with me through life. Reading and writing, especially fiction, helps me to process difficult experiences and inspires me to be brave and strong like the characters I so admire.

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