“We know that sometimes fear comes from ourselves and sort of egging on our anxieties but I think it another part of where fear comes from is from societal pressure about what we are supposed to be doing and like your obligation as a person, as an artist, as a business person. When you decide to delve into this creative world there is a process to it.. a definite process and people are always going to be a part of that, watching that. fear comes from society basically saying this is the way you should be doing and creativity is saying fuck, no, thats now how I’m doing it and those things contradict themselves every time you try to work them together.”

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Gardening Realities

“WAKE UP TO THE WAYS WE HABITUALLY IGNORE THAT WHICH IS REAL; NOT TO SAY THAT OUR REALITY IS TOTALLY & WHOLLY TRUTHFUL. NO CONSTRUCTION IS. BUT WE CAN WAKE UP – FIND AWARENESS AMONGST IT… Dig your hands in the earth deeply, and remember to ask questions because these parts of our connections are […]

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Listen to us talk about winter, SAD, and how we feel about the cold and our advice to beat these seasonal feels. We’re recording in Wilder this time round and we’ll be back with a fresh episode Jan 26th!


“I was biased about winter, I wanted to change it so much… I think not trying to change it all the time made it easier.”

“You have the power to make yourself feel warm and comfortable… Winter is about being kind to myself and not always having to live up to these weird expectations of myself”


The Trials of Trauma

I was always in such a rooted, permanent state of anxiety that eventually when the stress bottled up to be too much my fight or flight would kick in full force. I didn’t have bad days. I had explosive ones. I was scared to be happy and comfortable.

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What do you think it means to be kind to yourself? How does this compare to how we are kind to others?
Being kind to yourself is recognizing (if you can) what you need, and giving that to yourself. That may mean a night alone watching a TV show, taking an hour of the day to go to the gym or read a book, maybe buying yourself a latte. Just doing things that you think will make you feel better. I think being kind to others is recognizing everyone is a person and has feelings and thoughts, and giving them space to be themselves without judgment.

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What is the most challenging part about creating for you?

Creating on a schedule because art for me is emotionally charged and time is not.

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Living With People I Love

I’ve never really lived alone. From living with my mom, I went to living in an apartment with a roommate who was always someone I knew in one intimate way or another. I’m not easy to live with. I have high expectations, can be a hypocrite, hate doing the dishes, and want my own personal […]

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To Return Again

So while I learned a lot that was detrimental to my survival and happy existence outside of this world, these lessons weren’t as important to my “real” life as I would have like to believed. That is to say, who I am here hasn’t changed much because of who I was there.

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