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fire and ice

fire and ice / Juma Perez/

She stood, exalted above her surroundings, intimidating yet hallowed. Beautiful in her sleep, it was almost impossible to believe that she was the chasm to hell. Oh how easy it is to forget, that when there is grace, there is wrath.

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“We know that sometimes fear comes from ourselves and sort of egging on our anxieties but I think it another part of where fear comes from is from societal pressure about what we are supposed to be doing and like your obligation as a person, as an artist, as a business person. When you decide to delve into this creative world there is a process to it.. a definite process and people are always going to be a part of that, watching that. fear comes from society basically saying this is the way you should be doing and creativity is saying fuck, no, thats now how I’m doing it and those things contradict themselves every time you try to work them together.”

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What are some “taboos” you face in the art community?
Especially with the territory of spoken word: only speaking the truth everyone is comfortable hearing, which is quite suffocating to be honest. Some of my work will never be shared because it need not be understood or liked.

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What is the most challenging part about creating for you?

Creating on a schedule because art for me is emotionally charged and time is not.

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The Selective Memory of The Subconscious

Do you ever come into abrupt consciousness because of the mundane? You are walking. Walking. Legs moving automatically. Feel the weight of your thighs and the flexibility in your hips. Moving forward. A pace. How can we remember to fidget and blink and lick our lips, but somehow it is so easy to forget how to […]

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When I Am Full

Pt. 2                           When I am full, I wake up in the morning needing to put distance between my head and my tailbone. I need to twist my muscles to make sure that I am filling every gap of myself, like a mould. I […]

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When I Am Empty

When I am empty the things that fill me are not big enough to keep themselves from draining through my pores like a salt shaker, and the words do not come easy – are not coming easy.

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How do you think you are seen in the world? 

I think people in general have a hard time understanding my choices. We’re all so driven to save money for when we get old, that we miss out on our young lives and arrive at year 80 full of regret. I’m happy that I’ve decided to live in the moment, because I can choose to change my life and do different things whenever I want to. In a sense, it’s like time travel. When I’m too old to do any of this, I won’t be able to change the past. In essence, it just doesn’t click with people. Questions like, “What will you do when you’re older? When will you start to save money? Do you think you’ll eventually decide to live a normal life? What about a career?” are the type that I receive on a daily basis. And the people who ask me those questions should be ashamed of themselves. Snap out of it, the definition of an accomplished life is solely my decision. I’d rather have a sea of memories than a business card which gives my existence a certain status.

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Cliff Jumping

I am sorry to those I love that I told I did not trust It’s not untrue in a way, like all ways but it is not the whole story either. I cannot blame those who came before you for how I feel now but The lack of trust is in myself because just once […]

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The Intimacies of Introspection

The danger of introspection is often not the act of looking into yourself, but what is done with what is found. There are times we “remember” to feel guilty, or sad, or angry. That in trying to find an explanation, purpose, or motivation we instead find excuses and false reasoning. Introspection is about understanding, not remembering. It is about learning, not inflicting.

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