We’re a Non-Profit Organization /

which mostly means we don’t need money to make money just for the sake of stacking bills. All of our funds go right back into building the community, providing workshops, and supporting the peeps doing the programming.

Although we’re tiny and tremendous, we too have dreams of being big one day! Our plans for the future are coming at us fast. With community partnerships; ambassadorships; new events, workshops, and skill-shares coming to light we are growing rapidly and trying to keep up with the needs of our communities!

We’re building our brand and community organically, but grants, angel investors, fundraisers, and community partnerships never hurt a small business! If you are an investor who is interested in learning more about what our goals are, think you are a good fit for helping us build the future of community (or want to learn if you are) then please fill out the form below and we will get back to you!

Already love what we do? Want to be a part of funding our grassroots collective? Amazing! Check out our GoFundMe page to send some support!

Not seeing all the information you’re looking for? Leave us a comment below and we’ll remedy it!

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