To submit work please fill out a form below /

We ask that when sending work to please give us a quick briefing as to what the piece is about and why you would like to submit it*.

If you want to know anything about the interview or submission process feel free to come to us with any questions or concerns. If you want to submit or nominate anyone for an interview or article please include contact information for this person or, better yet, reach out to them and let them know herHABITAT has open submissions always!

Once you have filled out the form below we’ll get back to you ASAP, please note that due to volume this could take up to a week.

*We will contact you via e-mail to officially send any work that isn’t accessible via the web, please give a concise description of the work and be prepared to send it via e-mail.


  • There is no limit on submissions
  • There are no limits on what a submission can be (whether fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, painting, etc.)
  • You do not have to do an interview if you submit a piece
  • herHABITAT does not have ownership rights to your work unless specifically stated otherwise
  • We do have the right to publish your piece on various platforms
  • You can submit/publish anonymously
  • All works must be original/belong to you or have express permission from owners to submit on their behalf. This permission must be presented upon time of submission.
  • We will not publish derogatory, racist, sexist, homophobic pieces or anything else that isolates or harms individuals (if you are publishing a non-fiction piece, we ask that any real names either be confirmed or changed for safety and legal reasons. If you choose not to do so we do not take responsibility for the publishing of these names) ((pieces about your own experiences with racism, sexism, homophobia etc are accepted, as long as they do not promote these ideas))
  • Work should be about your personal experiences/thoughts/emotions/point of view
  • If you have someone you would like us to interview or publish please provide us with their contact information as well as a reason you feel inspired by them/think we should connect with them
  • If you have any ideas for collaborations or community projects please contact us
  • herHABITAT is not intended as a promotional platform, but as a place to share inspiration and build community
  • If you would like your work edited, please let us know upon submission – we do not guarantee to be able to edit all works
  • It is not necessary to know any of the herHABITAT staff/affiliations to submit work

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