From seed to sprout, there are always questions along the way and resources we wish we knew we had. Our team has spent many hours sorting, sifting, learning, crying, throwing plates in frustration, laughing maniacally, finding and learning with these tools.

So whether it’s free, worth it, or even just for fun (because we all need to laugh amongst the chaos of our dreams) these resources are where we have found our best knowledge and inspiration. From books to courses to initiatives, find fulfillment for your inspiration and learning needs.


Advice from members of our community. Take what ya need. This is meant to give a wide variety of advice from all different talk of life, for people at all stages of life. Take with a grain of salt – or don’t. 



These are tried and true. From founders to friends, these titles have changed the lives of many in ways ranging from big to small. Maybe you need a life overhaul, a spiritual study, or simply just a reminder about the humanity in all of this. This book list covers it all.


Yeah, yeah we know. We are herHABITAT. But as we build our brand we’re working towards building programming that is available and accessible. From self-publishing to meditations, we’re working with a variety of individuals to create programming to kickstart your path or give you an energy boost of info along the way. This portion will include communities, downloadables, and more.


Some of the best information in the world is currently being shared in the audio world. With a focus on self-development, community, story telling, and women we’ve curated a selection that’s going to empower and educate anyone.


This is the master-file of the questions we wonder about, ask in our interviews, and use to develop ourselves and communities. This rich files contains an endless collection of simple to abstract questions to help us in the process of delving in (or sometimes out).


AKA “Resources For Joy”. These links and apps are here purely for pleasure. To get stuff off your chest, to be uselessly creative, to hear something nice. Whatever it is you need, we have a lil’ treat for ya.


We don’t do it alone. Who does? These are our sponsors and partners. Whether it’s in donations, ambassadorships, workshops, events, or simply just because we stand for the same things. These companies and individuals helps us see out our goals to a future where self-development is accessible to all and supported by all in their communities.


Not the kind you need to study for! These online tests are useful tools for learning about your strengths, weaknesses, and finding more depth in yourself, as well. They ask for a bit of time and sometimes a bit of reading, but trust us when we say the results will change your life for the better.


These are things we have used to develop our own skill sets or to make our life in the NFP a lil bit easier. We love these programs for their diversity, authenticity, accessibility, and resources. The truth is, you don’t need to have a university degree for everything in life. Our online world is rich with information and tools that are available at all times.