Impractical Women’s Studies /

is a podcast about important topics in an accessible and relatable light. We talk about sex, creativity, liberation, art, music, life. This isn’t a podcast just for women – it’s for anyone who feels like they don’t know what the f*ck they’re doing in the world and learning how to be okay with that.

We do a live feed on our facebook and instagram for those that want to be a part of the discussion, and to un-taboo conversation (especially about things we experience about everyday). We’re not sitting in a small room with a mic, usually we’re drinking wine in bed and having real chats because that is real life and we want to make real life accessible to you in all formats.

So what do we talk about? Sex, art, dildos, S.A.D., #metoo, periods, masturbating, the life of a creative, community, partnership, divorce, finding yourself, travel, sex work, mental health, self-care, the art of not knowing what you’re doing.

We’re not just a podcast; we’re a community. And we’re badass.


you can find us on soundcloud and iTunes.

Have a topic you want discussed? Want to be on the podcast or know someone who should? Comment below or fill out our submissions form.

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