What do you think has been the biggest influence in becoming happy with who you are?

I think its broadly doing things that make me happy. And through that finding communities of people that make you love yourself and be happy with yourself. Doing music makes me happy and helps me find people that make me happy with myself. It’s the same with working on the newspaper

What is your fatal flaw?

not enjoying the moment is one of them. The other big one i can think of is I think competition is how I would word it. But its more like competition as a result of the need to succeed. Probably still the first one though. I care too much what other people think.

Do you think by making honest decisions in your life, you’ve made positive changes in the world? (what has making honest decisions in your life done for the world/your world/ what does it mean to make an honest decision)

it’s a decision you have thought about a lot. Or not a lot. But thought about. You don’t feel bad the second after you’ve made it. You can feel it 10 years later, but if the minute after you feel even a little bit relieved you are making an honest decision. But what the fuck do I know.

What are the defining traits of a woman?

I’m not that into gender traits

What are your defining traits?

passionate, ambitious, intense, love learning and thinking

What do you wish you were more of?

I wish I was more of a decisive person.

How would you describe your perspective of the world?

strongly influenced by politics.  2 strong world views are everything is political and everything is art & it’s figuring out how they intersect

If you could change something in your past what would it be? Why? How do you think it would change things now?

first and foremost I don’t believe in regrets. I think there may be a few times I wish I had worked up the courage to say something. But mostly I wouldn’t change a thing. Mostly because of my fear of fucking with the space time continuum

Advice you would have given yourself in the past:

Calm down, love yourself totally and completely and the rest will come. And take care of yourself before other people. Listen to more music

Advice you think you will need in the future:

Stay Balanced. Make time for the little things.

Advice you would give yourself now:

Calm down. Make time for the little things.

Do you feel like you know what you’re doing/that you have a path?

No *shakes head* No, those are two different questions. I feel like I know what I’m doing but not that I have a path. I know where I am, not where I’m going

Whats been the most challenging obstacle to over come?

Middle school.

What inspires you/ Where do you find inspiration?

Music, Art in general. My parents {as individuals. my mother period my father period} Theatre. I know I’ve already said art but I always leave the theatre not feeling like I know what I’m going with my life but like I have to do something with my life. Also people I can have good conversations with. Cities. Cities that I love – Toronto, Montreal, NYC. Lisa Simpson.

What is your greatest personal achievement?

Everything I’ve ever done ever.

Would you consider yourself successful or inspiring?

Yes? I think everyone can be considered inspiring or successful. I think I sound ridiculous. I sound like a dork. I am a dork. I think there’s lots of ways I’m not successful but that’s fine.


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