What do you think has been the biggest influence in becoming happy with who you are?

I truly believe making a ridiculous amount of silly mistakes in my life has made me learn to love myself. I like to learn the hard way. You can give me advice from experience a million times to save me the embarrassment but, I’ll still most likely go try it out my own way. I’ve approached a lot of situations in my life relatively smart. But it’s definitely not those moments that teach me about myself. It’s those times that I spontaneously throw myself into an awkward or unexpected situation that do. And it’s those moments that made me learn to let go, laugh at myself, and tell myself that I’m pretty f*cking awesome.

How do you see yourself in the world?

As it stands, I see myself all over the world. I’m nowhere near ready to call anywhere home. I am my home and I am so curious right now.

I want to bring myself to as many places as I can.

What is your fatal flaw?

Probably that I procrastinate a lot and leave stuff till the last minute. It doesn’t mean I don’t get whatever it is done. I do. But If I would just start on a project or an ambition way ahead of time and worked on it little by little I could perfect whatever it was I was working towards. Instead, I assume that I have tons of time to get

stuff done, as the clock is ticking.

Do you think by making honest decisions in your life, you’ve made positive changes in the world? (What has making honest decisions in your life done for the world/your world/ what does it mean to make an honest decision)

 I think I’ve tried my best to make honest decisions. I’ve made decisions that have had both positive and negative outcomes. But I think it’s very difficult make an “honest” decision. When you think you’re making an honest decision do you ever take into consideration someone else’s feelings and opinions, society’s influence, or a rebellious attitude? Most of the time, yes. I think a lot of decisions people make in life are a direct influence of a situation going on during that time. To some, maybe that is the truth behind an “honest decision.” But I’m not entirely sure we make half the honest decisions we think we do. If by the time you’ve made a decision, and your conscious is at peace with the final verdict, than I believe, you’ve made as much of an honest decision as you can. And that will make your world a more pleasant place to be.

What is the most important thing women do for eachother?

I think being honest, silly and down right ridiculous with each other is the most important thing. When you’re able to bring out the spontaneous side of a woman (or anyone for that matter), that’s empowering. That breaks down walls, and teaches her not to worry so much about other peoples opinions. And most importantly it creates confidence. Because who cares what other people think? As long as you know you have your rocks, the ones who make you feel loved and supported no matter what you choose to do.

What are the defining traits of a woman?

I don’t think there are certain defining traits. Every woman is different. Women are nurturing creatures, and I think that is something we all have by nature. We are caring and more in touch with our emotional side.

What are your defining traits?

Independent, sassy, spontaneous, open-minded, strong, stubborn, active, outgoing, short, white girl with a big booty…

What do you wish you were more of?

Hmm, good question. I wish I wasn’t so in decisive, or such a procrastinator. I wish I was more of a person who could just make a decision and stick to it. But instead I’m very easily distracted. I’m working on it.

How would you describe your perspective of the world?

I think the world is a place with many aspects. We have people at war, and we have some who are out giving aid to those people who are at war, and we have the ones who are completely oblivious to the hurt around us. So depending on who you are the world is either great or it’s awful. When we are born we don’t get to choose where we are born, or in what religion or country we are in. It’s kind of all luck of the draw. A lot of people don’t deserve what is happening to them and their loved ones. But the world is a reality. It’s a place that one person cannot fix but with the help of a few more you can at least make a difference. With the right attitude and motivation, the world can be a great place. And with the right people joining forces, it’s beautiful. And of course there are those black sheep here to cause trouble and pain because, the world is a beautiful work of chaos.

What’s the worst thing media has done for you?

Giving the idea of what I should be, this image of what I should look like, and what I should be doing with my time.  I’m a pretty confident person. But I still catch myself putting myself down a lot. And I put myself down for my body more than I should. I am not in my best physical shape, but I am also not at all in a poor physical shape. I’m super active, I climb and hike but I don’t work out everyday. It’s just kind of sad that if I’m not perfectly toned, I can be so hard on myself. I know what to do to fix it but if it wasn’t for the media putting so much pressure on us all I don’t think we would be so worried.


What’s the best thing the media has done for you?

Learning about other people and what they are going through. A really good example is that Humans of New York page. Everyday there’s a new person who shares their feelings or experiences. And that’s humbling. And when the experience is nothing short of unfortunate, I’m more grateful for what I have.

If you could change something in your past what would it be? Why? How do you think it would change things now?

I don’t want to change anything. But maybe I wish I didn’t hold onto things that we’re toxic for me. I should have moved on from some moments and people sooner than I did. I don’t know why I hold on to the bad stuff for so long. If I can’t change it, I should just move on. I don’t deserve to be treat poorly by anyone. I think it would have saved me a lot of emotion.


Advice you would have given yourself in the past:

Maybe you should have done a bit more research before getting something inked on your body… Haha… meh

Advice you think you will need in the future:

Keep in touch with the ones I love as much as possible. I needed time to be on my own and do things for myself, but I can’t drift apart from the ones who were always there for me. Tell them I love them as much as I can and make sure they know they can come to me whenever they need. And remember no one is getting younger, and the time we have to live is unpredictable.

Advice you would give yourself now:

Be patient, and listen. You are wise enough now to be able to take in the information you need and to phase out the stuff you don’t need in your life. Don’t try to change anyone, because people don’t change unless they want to. Don’t hold onto the past. Learn from it. You need to focus on yourself and your future. You is kind, you is smart, you is important.

What are, in your opinion, the most important things to life? How have you achieved or are you trying to achieve these things?

I think it’s healthy to do something new everyday. Change is scary to some but it keeps you on your toes. Stepping out of your comfort zone teaches you something about your self that nothing else can. And who knows, maybe that new experience can change your entire path in life. You can always find a new calling. Remaining static and in the same routine is boring and doesn’t challenge you.

Do you feel like you know what you’re doing/that you have a path?

Not really, I think I believe I know what my path is for the next year or so, but I can’t really see where I’ll be past that.

Have you always known what you wanted to do?

Not regarding a career. But I’ve always wanted to travel. Even when I look back at those times when I was about to finish high school, during all that stress of trying to figure out what to take in school, I always said I wanted to do something that allowed me to travel. I may not know what I want to do as a career for the rest of my life but at least I’m attempting to fulfill my travel dreams in the meantime.

Whats been the most challenging obstacle to overcome?

Convincing myself that I’m exactly where I am meant to be, without being bothered about everyone else and their god damn opinion of my life.

What inspires you/ where do you find inspiration?

New experiences, new surroundings, and meeting certain people, gives me inspiration. I like change. It keeps things interesting and every time I go somewhere new I meet some pretty cool people along the way. Everyone has a story to tell.

What do you see for the future? How would you like to be a part of it?

I see a huge collaboration of talent and ambition. People will be using a lot more of their success to help everyone and not just to better themselves. As years go by we are becoming a lot more aware of our surroundings. Everyone is becoming a lot more open and accepting. Cultures are colliding and that alone is pretty neat. Being able to immerse yourself into another individual’s way of life and culture is so much more accessible than it ever was. Media at first spooked a lot of people with these changes. But now we are learning that it’s a beautiful thing. We have all been working on overcoming issues arising. I would love to be able to be a part of this positive change in the world around us.

What is your greatest personal achievement?

I believe my greatest personal achievement is that I don’t give up easily. I’m very competitive, especially when it comes to sports and physical activity. I’ve calmed down a lot (I used to get violent just playing basketball!) But I’m always willing to try a new activity that challenges me. Recently I started rock climbing. I am lucky enough to live in an area where I’m surrounded by world-class rock. We got a good crew together this summer and after just 2 months of climbing I was climbing a 10a no problem and leading my first climbs. Which, if you know what any of that means, is extremely good for a beginner. Actually, the first time I lead a climb, we were in a new area and half way up the climb I realized how exposed the climb was and got so terrified that I started crying. Normally, someone would get down after that, but nope not me. I made it to the top. I was pretty shook up, for a few days even, and it took me a few climbs to back into the groove. But that just shows I’ve always been able to get back into the saddle no matter what happens.

Would you consider yourself successful or inspiring?

I hope so. I mean I’m not Beyonce or anyone in that ranking but I hope I inspire some. A few people have got in touch with me and said I have inspired them, just a few, but that’s enough for me. When someone says “I want to do what you are doing” or truly likes the person that I am, it must mean I am doing something right. That feeling of someone looking at me as an inspiration gives me butterflies, and makes me more confident in the path that I am choosing.

Who would you like to see celebrated?

I would like to see all of my friends and loved ones celebrated. I honestly would not be the person I am today without each and every one of them. They have all inspired me. I have a piece of everyone with me. Most of my actions and the way I go about life is a direct result of most of the people dearest to me. They are all the most unique people and I love them more than they will ever know.


What does your work mean for you? What does it embody?

Well I’m not really an artist. Nor am I even in school at the moment. My work is those goals I’m trying to make for myself, and fulfilling them. They can be as little as making a list when you wake up and getting all of that stuff done in a day. Or it can be goals for the future. My goal right now is making it to South East Asia for 5 months and getting an Au Pair job in Spain after. And I’m doing just fine. Setting goals for myself keeps me happy and motivated. No I’m not in school, but that doesn’t mean I wont go. I’m learning everyday and that’s what’s important.