What does faith mean to you? Do you have a faith? (i.e. a religion, or something you believe in like karma)

Faith is the ability to believe in the unknown. I put my faith in God because I believe that God is the ultimate spiritual entity. I don’t glorify religion, I glorify spirituality.

Two years ago from now where did you think you would be? How does that differ from where you are now?

Two years ago, I was planning on attending Ryerson University. Today I’m attending Ryerson University. I give the universe my dreams and it translates that to reality.

Where do you think you will be in another year?

In another year I hope to be more accomplished, I have a lot of abstract goals that I’d like to fulfill.

What, in your opinion, are important values to have in today’s society?

The ability to relate to others, to sympathize, to put yourself in someone else’s shoes! Our world has become very individualistic despite our shift towards globalization.

What values do you think society promotes?

I think society promotes perfection. That’s why entertainers (celebrities) are so revered. Our society is obsessed with the idea of perfection.

What are your own values?

My values? Well above all I value love, altruism, honesty, wisdom, patience, and perseverance.

Are you who you want to be? Who is that person?

Absolutely not! I am working towards being a more intuitive, confident and creative. I’m naturally creative but I’ve worked so hard to obey the rules, and creativity knows no rules.

What has been the best learning experience for you?

I’m still learning! There has been no “best” learning experience thus far. Yet, I feel like the more I do the more I learn. For example, I read a lot and you can learn a lot that way but when you experience the words on page it’s so much more valuable.

Do you have any memories that “haunt” you? What are they? Why do you think you’re holding onto them?

“Haunt,” I don’t like that word. Yes I have memories that haunt me but I rather not talk about them. I think we hold onto memories because they become an integral part of us, no matter how exciting or frightening they are.

What are qualities you look for in a friendship?

Honesty, Loyalty, Compatibility, Wisdom and Humor – I like to laugh.

How do you think people see you?

I think people see me as a very optimistic person.

How do you see yourself?

It’s so cliché, but I feel like a typical young adult – questioning society, authority, politics, gender and religion! Over the last year I feel like I lost my identity. I’m going through a transition phase, it’s a very hard process because there’s a lot of uncertainty.

How would you like to be seen?

I would like to be felt more than seen. I want people to feel happy, inspired, motivated, when they think about me!

What do you consider your “flaws”? Why?

I struggle to listen to my inner voice. I mean I really struggle with that. I’m working on it though.

Do you think you’re someone others can/do look up to?

I hope so! I believe in role models so much. I think we need more people that young people can emulate.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about the arts. I’ve tried my hand (literally) at almost every art form. I’ve been somewhat successful in writing. I started writing poetry in the third grade and still continue to do so, sporadically. Write now I’m really into song writing.

What are your pet peeves?

People that complain about things they can change, errr.

If you could change something about yourself – internally or externally – what would it be? Why?

Wow, good question… I would like to be healthier in every way! I’m trying to cleanse my mind, body and soul.

What about yourself are you most proud of?

I’m not really proud of myself for anything, I hate to sound so melancholy but there’s nothing that stands out to me.

What do you think the downfall of today’s society will be?

Selfishness. In one word: selfishness.

Do you think it is more important to try and make an impact in the world at large, or in your own world? Why?

My best friend and I have had this conversation. Originally, I was the “save the world” person but she convinced me that the best way to “save the world” is to save the people that live in “your world.” The hope is that you’ll create a chain reaction that will have a local, national, and or international, impact.