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What, for you, is the significance of creating?

The superpower of time control. In reality, we have no control of time. It is linear, and cannot be stopped or stretched. Every single living creature shares the same sense of time. My 5 seconds is equal to your 5 seconds. This is reality. But in creative art forms, we are able to control it. For example, still photographers can stop time at one moment. Filmmakers can shrink 3 days into 1 and half hours. Musicians can divide time and transform it into a universal language. It is amazing power we own when we create

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What do you think it means to be kind to yourself? How does this compare to how we are kind to others?
Being kind to yourself is recognizing (if you can) what you need, and giving that to yourself. That may mean a night alone watching a TV show, taking an hour of the day to go to the gym or read a book, maybe buying yourself a latte. Just doing things that you think will make you feel better. I think being kind to others is recognizing everyone is a person and has feelings and thoughts, and giving them space to be themselves without judgment.

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How does this compare to how you would like to be seen?
Very few people actually see the real me and for the most part, I’m okay with that. But I know some people have a twisted idea of the type of person I am which can be frustrating at times because I know I’m not like that. It comes down to not stressing out about how people see you. As long as you know who you are then that’s all that matters. With that being said, it would be awesome for people one day to see me as a strong and motivated woman that makes things happen for herself.

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How has your art brought about an understand of yourself/your world?

I think I interpret my life through writing. Though I don’t journal, I write every day. I work out dreams and troubles as well as anxieties through my writing, and my characters enable me to see different perspectives on a particular difficulty. Some degree of empathy is necessary to breathe life into characters that are dissimilar from oneself. This helps me as I move through the world, and meet people different than myself. I try to learn from everyone — from everything, and incorporate new understandings into my writing. 

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What are some “taboos” you face in the art community?
Especially with the territory of spoken word: only speaking the truth everyone is comfortable hearing, which is quite suffocating to be honest. Some of my work will never be shared because it need not be understood or liked.

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What is the hardest emotion for you? Why?
Anger is the hardest emotion. I have been raised to believe that it’s wrong to lose my temper and that I should suppress anger. Happiness and sadness are easy for me to express and experience. However, anger is something that is somewhat more difficult to grasp and deal with.

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What is the most challenging part about creating for you?

Creating on a schedule because art for me is emotionally charged and time is not.

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What are your expectations for yourself?

I’m gonna answer this short and sweet. Expectations are a strength and a weakness. It is important to have hunger and to strive – but setting unrealistic and scary goals, can lead to disappointment and really intense unhappiness. My expectations are of happiness and love.

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How do you think you are seen in the world? 

I think people in general have a hard time understanding my choices. We’re all so driven to save money for when we get old, that we miss out on our young lives and arrive at year 80 full of regret. I’m happy that I’ve decided to live in the moment, because I can choose to change my life and do different things whenever I want to. In a sense, it’s like time travel. When I’m too old to do any of this, I won’t be able to change the past. In essence, it just doesn’t click with people. Questions like, “What will you do when you’re older? When will you start to save money? Do you think you’ll eventually decide to live a normal life? What about a career?” are the type that I receive on a daily basis. And the people who ask me those questions should be ashamed of themselves. Snap out of it, the definition of an accomplished life is solely my decision. I’d rather have a sea of memories than a business card which gives my existence a certain status.

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How has your art brought about an understand of yourself/your world? I believe photography can show you two different points of view in the world. It can show you the overwhelming sadness, hurt, and negativity of it or photography can teach you to see the beauty of it. My art is portrait photography; it has […]

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