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COMMUNITY: #humansofOGyoga

It took walking in the door to realize this studio was different… No one was hindered. Everyone looked comfortable. The people who were keeping to themselves had an air of relaxation instead of forced isolation. The teachers were happily chatting with the students. I realized, before even signing up, “holy shit this is a community. “

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Open Mic Night – 11/30/17

The first herHABITAT that was open to the public was our Open Mic. It was a warm evening filled with talent, love, laughter, joy, and community. As people roamed in off the street or to come support their friends, the small intimate space was soon filled and glowing with anticipation as well as the candles that lit the room.

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INTERVIEW // Juma Perez – How To Grow Daisies In A Cow Town

Its a short read, so I’ve read this compilation what feels like a billion times. After a while it did not sound any different from the other times I read it, but it started to feel different. The poems started to fit comfortably in my life and I was able to really be open up about it without feeling shame, and thats when I knew, I was healing again. It was time to move on. 

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A Whole Community for Wholearth Farmstudio

Wholearth Farmstudio is exactly what is sounds like. A farm, focus on green and healthy living – inside and out. With acres of land perfect for camping or grazing; a beautiful home where beautiful souls reside; a barn; a man-made, spring fed pond; an array of animals from chickens, to sheep, to dogs. The idea is to live well, together, sustainably, […]

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