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INTERVIEW // Juma Perez – How To Grow Daisies In A Cow Town

Its a short read, so I’ve read this compilation what feels like a billion times. After a while it did not sound any different from the other times I read it, but it started to feel different. The poems started to fit comfortably in my life and I was able to really be open up about it without feeling shame, and thats when I knew, I was healing again. It was time to move on. 

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A Whole Community for Wholearth Farmstudio

Wholearth Farmstudio is exactly what is sounds like. A farm, focus on green and healthy living – inside and out. With acres of land perfect for camping or grazing; a beautiful home where beautiful souls reside; a barn; a man-made, spring fed pond; an array of animals from chickens, to sheep, to dogs. The idea is to live well, together, sustainably, […]

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