THEM is the interview section of the blog. Where we pick the brains of the people who peak our curiosity and churn our inspiration.

With questions that are curated to get deep insights and make the authors think about themselves and their work, we can begin to see and understand the ways we are similar, the things that make us unique, and the multitudes and contradictions we all face in being ourselves; in creating ourselves.

It started with our founder, who wanted to learn more about herself by asking the questions that no one seemed to be asking, and has steadily been learning more about herself and helping others do the same.

We generally seek out individuals who have inspired, intrigued, and/or surprised us. We are always trying to open our eyes and challenge our points of view. We are constantly sourcing individuals who want to contribute to expanding our collection of minds and would love to hear if there’s anyone in particular you would like us to contact.

Check out our submissions page to send us any questions you want answered, people you would like to hear from, or if you would like to be a part of THEM.

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