Hi, I’m Forest, the founder, CEO, editor, talent hunter, everything-er here at herHABITAT.

I started this collaborative because it was something that I wanted in the world. A place to share stories, experiences, creations, discoveries and all the ways that every individual uniquely creates these things (and the ways they’ve created us in return).

I never felt like I really had enough to say on my own to be of interest to others, as well as my lack of focus on one medium hindered what I felt like I could produce. Like a lot of people, I’m a jack of all trades; I love writing, singing, drawing, cooking, organizing, etc. As a result, I never really pursued any one thing, and never got “experience” in anything either.

Everywhere I looked to submit there were guidelines. I had to have been published somewhere else, have already written a book, have been part of a band, had a gallery opening, confine my writing to a specific topic-of-the-month. But the thing is, when you need to express yourself… that can’t be confined.

Which lead me to wonder, how many amazing creations, brave stories, inspiring people had I failed to see and hear about because what they were doing or saying – or just simply were – didn’t conform? What was the world not hearing because it had told individuals that a topic was taboo, or they weren’t experienced enough to share?

So I made that place. A place that you can submit to at any time, with anything. A place that wants to share your story just because it is yours and real. That strives to give light to your talent and your growth and your aspirations. A place for things to live outside of sketch books, garage band, and our memories. Because it matters, because you matter, because everyone needs a first step – or maybe they only need one.

Anyway, here I am. Sharing. Encouraging you to share. Telling you that there are no prerequisites to creation, and that value does not come from how many people will see it or how well it fits into a social construct.

I have found so much more to say than I ever truly thought was in me. I have uncovered truths and courage in myself that was long forgotten. And I have found a source of inspiration to go to everyday.

If you want to read more about me, you can check out my interview.

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