herHABITAT is about the real image of people in the world today. Their successes, failures, inspirations, motivations, and words of wisdom. This is a “safe” place with real stories, ideas, challenges, and projects – big and small – and how they impact each person, community, and the world at large.

Our focus is developing, understanding, and coming to terms with the inner-self and the myriad of ways what’s inside of us shines through and colours our day-to-day lives. We all contain multitudes, we all change continuously and sometimes contradict ourselves in creating ourselves.

Our goal is a movement of people who look to themselves for validation instead of the media and to start living our lives based on where our intuition, passions, and heart guide us. Together we can create communities, projects, and support systems – whether near us or over seas – and better the world and the way we see ourselves in it one person at a time.

It’s time to shine the light on the reality of the many ways it feels like to be a human in the modern world and how each of us creates our own spaces – whether in our heads or physically – to reflect, learn, create, and inspire amongst the chaos. We are all human; flaws and successes together in one. Mistakes are a lesson learned – to be shared, not shamed. Be proud in all we do, be proud in all that we are and can be. Be the change with herHABITAT. Be you.

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