herHABITAT is a collective that focuses on the development of the inner-self through community /

By learning to ask ourselves questions, giving ourselves space, and permission to explore we can learn to tap into our “why” to lead fulfilling lives – whatever that means for each individual.

We create and facilitate online and real life spaces, events, and workshops to help guide you and give you tools to help navigate yourself in this time of technology and mass communication that can often leave us feeling detached from ourselves and our communities.

We encourage you to use our blog, events, workshops, inspirations¬†and all of the tools we’re developing to help you access the part of yourself that’s been blocked off – by trauma, by ego, by societal norms, by our own bias.

Get back to your nature. Learn how to unlearn, and then uncover all that you want to thrive in your life. You are. You can. You will.

And we are here to help you.

Check out our Submissions page to submit articles, photos; ideas for improvement, events, workshops, and more.

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