herHABITAT is officially registered as a NFP! This means we have more programming, events, and workshops coming your way. With this growth, comes more opportunity!


herHABITAT will be offering a multi-tiered membership program:

Membership A: for a monthly or annual fee you get access to all workshops, events, and community offers at a discounted rate – and you find out first. With granted access to exclusive previews, events, articles, and more this membership keeps you connected with the community and also helps fund us to make this possible.

Membership B: for a monthly or annual fee you are added to our roster of creatives. We’ve got a selection of creatives that ranges from mural painters, musicians, poets, and fashion designers to jewellers, florists, and event planners. You get access to team building tools to make your ideal project with people who can help you share and evolve your vision. This also grants other creatives access to your portfolio, so you can have a wider audience and reach for your work as well.

Membership C: for a per-use fee you are granted access to our roster of creatives to build the ideal team for your event. You will get specialized help from a team member that can help you find who and what you’re looking for based on event needs. There are also options available to help with advertising, event spaces, event costing, and more. Have an event you’ve always wanted to do, but lack the resources, knowledge, or time? Reach out to us!

Memberships will be available for herHABITAT by Spring 2018 and we hope to be able to offer job opportunities in the future as well! We will keep you updated on what applying for these will look like. Until then, we’ll keep you in the loop!

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