Advice from members of our community. Take what ya need and leave what ya don’t. This is meant to give a wide variety of advice from all different walks of life, for people at all stages of life. Take with a grain of salt – or don’t.

“Suicidal is not a feeling. It is a passive or active thought process, but it isn’t an emotional state. Being able to reframe it as feeling overwhelmed or another relevant reaction helps you acknowledge its fleeting nature. Instead, practice refocusing your mind on specific emotions their resulting thought processes.” – AL

“Coping mechanisms that can be characterized as maladaptive today were at one point a functional adaptation to our environment. In other words, our mental and emotional patterns as a result of earlier trauma no longer serve us. This validates the fact that we aren’t defective or damaged, simply a result of the environment we grew up in. We just need to learn to readapt and adopt a healthier, happier version of ourselves.” – AL

Have some advice? Find something on here problematic? Let us know – comment below or message us here.


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