Hello friends and members,

Long time no chat, we know. We’re sorry for the impromptu hiatus! It’s been a hectic couple of weeks. We’ve moved across the country and have been trying to get our shit together in a larger way that usual. But don’t worry, we’re here to let you in on what’s been going on and what will be going on.


A lot of you know that we were building an app for herHABITAT. We came back to Toronto to work with a community partnership with RedAcademy. Due to their whacky community values, they cancelled the project 2 days in.

Why do you ask? Well we asked the same thing!

Our #metoo podcast was a point of contention for them. We don’t agree with this, and as unfortunate as it is that their community values don’t support openly talking about rape culture and sexual assault, we want you to know that this doesn’t discourage us from having these conversations and continuing to talk about all that is taboo and trying to destigmatize our existence and experiences.

In fact, Teagan and Forest (the founders of Impractical Women’s Studies) are happy that the project was cancelled and that we could see who we were working with in full light. It’s a bummer, but our number one priority has and always will be creating and holding a safe space for everyone to talk about their experiences, from all sides of the coin.


We’re in a new city which is awesome and scary! As we personally fold into life here, we’re going to be taking the event development a little slower. These past 8 months have been a whirlwind of learning, collaboration, successes, and failures. We want to take all this knowledge of business and self to apply it with care and consciousness to this new place and people.

We have been talking to some peeps in Toronto + Ottawa about events that they want to host there which we will be giving more info on.

The Open Mic Nights @ HBar have been paused, we’ve had an amazing season and have met more wonderful people that ever could have been imagined and we want to give our deepest gratitude to those that hosted and performed over these past 8 months. You have given us hope and light and so many people the courage to discover their dreams and passions.


We spent all summer writing business plans and grants. It was awesomely challenging and took up a good chunk of brain power as well as resources. In all of that though, we’ve realized that sometimes aiming so big isn’t what is needed. herHABITAT is a beautiful collective that has grown organically for 4 years and we realized we don’t need to push it to greatness, and nor do we need to put pressure on ourselves to make it a bigger version of something that is already perfectly lovely as is.

We do hope to one day be able to open up a herHABITAT hub, but we’ve also realized that with the big picture we were aiming for this summer, we were building a means to an end. Instead of growing the company to a point where it is independent so we can go do the things we are individually passionate about (aka writing!) we’ve decided to slow down and take this process as organically as it has always been.

So we’re not aiming for a community centre at the moment, we’re aiming for balance. To be truthful not only to ourselves but also to our community. To all the people that are impacted, influenced, inspired by herHABITAT we thank you from the bottom of our beings.

Everyday is humbling, everyday we are learning and growing right along side you.

To summarize, even though we’ve been quiet for the past couple of weeks, we’re still here. We’re sinking into being more genuine with ourself, and as a result with the community. While this does mean taking a step back, it’s more of a step into the stream of life instead of trying to be ahead of the current.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out! herHABITAT is here to stay; for a good time and a long time.

On Friday you can tune in for the next episode of Impractical Women’s Studies, you can follow us on instagram/twitter/anything @herhabitatco to keep up-to-date (and we promise to start posting more now that we are settled!)

Thank you again,
We love you,



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