Inner Authority Retreat Scholarship

The idea of a retreat always sounds more awesome to our body + mind than it does to our wallets. We totally get it. Sometimes knowing why something is good for you doesn’t make it more accessible to you. But this isn’t one of those times.

Part of what we do at herHABITAT is make sure that we work as hard as possible to make our communities accessible. For our Inner Authority Retreat we’ve created a “scholarship” – don’t stress, we’re not looking at your spiritual grades.

We’re offering 50% off our retreat price to those who feel they are ready to take command of themselves and their life. That means our all inclusive day-retreat is 75$ for qualifying members.

All you have to do is fill out the application below! That’s it!

Thank you for your submission!

If you have another 5 minutes (we know time is tight!) to take a quick survey, it would help us immensely in the creation and development of herHABITAT. You can find it here!

We love you the most,


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