IWS / S2E2 / Toxic Relationships

It’s here! Because life is life, this episode doesn’t have a live video with it. Teagan is in Muskoka, and in this episode she’s talking with her mother, Sheila Johnston about Toxic Relationships.

It’s an episode full of witty metaphor, mothers wisdom, curiosity in healing, and practicality. Also Teagan spills her wine!

“We don’t like going to the dentist.. We don’t like doing to the doctor… We just wanna stay moving forward at whatever cost. But if you hear something in the car moving and not sounding quite right, then you should take it in! Because you’re right! you’re right to hear that something is not quite right… And if taking it in aka talking to that person about the relationship means that its gonna cost you 5000$ and your van is dead thats better than you driving this really horrible van thats gonna kill ya. So if you’re in a relationship and you’re hearing these noises take it in… Sometimes its a very fixable thing!”



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