Bellydance For Self-Care

As big fans of efficiency, we realized there’s no better pairing than fun and fundamentals; in this case bellydancing and self care.

We teamed up with Shaila Khan from Bellydance Bachelorettes; a force of nature in the movement and psychology world, pairing her deep knowledge of both into nurturing, healing, and welcoming workshops.

These aren’t designed for the average dancer, which is to say: they are welcome to people of all body kinds, with any level of dance from never tapped a floor to recital queens/kings.

Working with us to create safe spaces for exploration of movement and emotions in our community, this is one of our favourite ways to pair up these often opposing parts of the self. But the true craft of these workshops lays not in the specific pairings, but in that it shows you a unique way of pairing up passions. Of being able to encompass the entirety of yourself – or at least more than one aspect. It is about collaboration on a multitude of levels.

The ability to open up in a group, explore, and learn together is a stepping stone to realizing your own potential. How Shaila has found her niche cross-roads of the things she loves, we know that this is available to everyone and want to give every individual an opportunity to experience their own dharma.

All photos by Claudia Chavez

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