We’ve finally caught up to the editing of all our episodes to date! We have the last 2 episodes up, completing this chapter of Impractical Women’s Studies.

Season 2 will launch on Friday, July 6th! Stay tuned for a new twist on the series of IWS with Forest Greenwell and Teagan Johnston on our facebook live feed.

Follow two entrepreneurial women on their quest for knowledge, community, and breaking taboos.

Coming live to you from various cafes, bedrooms, and sex shops Forest Greenwell and Teagan Johnston explore the in’s and out’s of what it is to be a woman.

With topics varying from dildos, to sex work; depressi

on to menstruation; the art of not knowing what you’re doing to building communities.

With a live stream, live questions, and real time topics and conversations you can enliven yourself with their loud laughs, genuine statements, and tales from the crypt of their own experiences.

Laugh. Cry. Embrace. Join us.

Photography : Calm Elliot Armstrong


Have a topic you want discussed? Contact us here

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