In this episode Teagan and Forest talk about periods, all the facts you need to know about normal vs. healthy, what to look for in during your cycle, ways to reduce PMS, and some good stories and laughs because that’s what we’re here for!

We talked to Dr.Jennah Miller (www.jennahmiller.com) about our questions and concerns and she came through with tons of knowledge, facts, and experience. If you’re interested in talking to her more you can find her at one of her clinics through her website. We will be posting the full questions and answers on herhabitat.ca

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“You see these clots and it looks like a vagina booger” – Forest

“Thats the point of destigmatizing these things. You have a right to explore your body and not fucking feel weird about it.” – Teagan

“You shouldn’t feel ashamed and alienated from your period. It’s not happening to you, it’s a part of you” – Teagan

Want a copy of our questions and answers with Dr. Jennah Miller? Find a downloadable PDF available below!




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