Forest Greenwell with guest Juma Perez discuss the in’s and out’s of an artistic life, knowing and (mostly) not knowing what you’re doing, and a few clues to mastering the art of uncertainty.

“I think it is almost a disease to be scared of asking people for help… and it is such a self-hindrance to not give yourself space to not know things.. I mean, I think we can find out the true state of ourselves in these limbo quiet moments and when you do that you’re actually able to see what you’re going to do next but not the outcome and thats okay.. and when you learn to be okay with what’s going on but not to stay stagnant…”

We know that sometimes fear comes from ourselves and sort of egging on our anxieties but I think it another part of where fear comes from is from societal pressure about what we are supposed to be doing and like your obligation as a person, as an artist, as a business person. When you decide to delve into this creative world there is a process to it.. a definite process and people are always going to be a part of that, watching that. fear comes from society basically saying this is the way you should be doing and creativity is saying fuck, no, thats now how I’m doing it and those things contradict themselves every time you try to work them together.”

“you can’t do everything in the process. we’re not business people, we’re artists. there  is a side to the art we make. There is always a side of things where we really don’t know what we’re doing. And I think there’s a fine line between not knowing what you’re doing and putting energy into things that we really shouldn’t be doing”

“we have this idea that everything is supposed to completely and holistically original and its like okay what IS originality? What does it mean to be original? How do we foster this and how do we drown it out?… I don’t think its fair of me to sell what I do short because there are similarities. There is a flow”

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