24-Hours in Tofino

It’s always a curious expedition to go to a place for 24-hours. It’s just long enough to feel note-worthy but not really long enough to particularly be noteworthy. I often feel like I haven’t gotten enough time to acclimatize in 24-hours to get a true experience, but with tiny places such as Tofino, British Columbia you can understand how 24-hours turns into 24-months for a lot of people.


– Tom Robbins

One of my favourite things about travelling with my grandfather is how similar we are. We started this trip with the intention of going along with a Miata Club run – of course, like all retired old guys he loves expensive cars and talking about expensive cars and comparing expensive cars to other expensive cars…. and on.

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But we’re both of a particular social volicity and soon after arriving at the Miata Club Picnic on long beach we looked at each other, shook our heads, and drove back into town. Large social gatherings are something I like to observe and are an excellent way for my Grandfather to get himself in trouble. We were both outcasts in our own way.

Although we had each other, there was an air of isolation from the town. Like we couldn’t quite blend in, like the overlap was just slightly too opaque. His social buffer of drinking was no longer a habit he kept, and my social buffer of meandering  was severely shortened due to time but mostly space. Mutually submerged in an interesting world without our standard safe-guard mechanisms for exploration; for comfort.


Although Tofino is named one of the friendliest cities in the world, it was hard to connect to it knowing that my time to immerse myself in it was short-lived. The expediency of the trip is also what made it satisfying. In such a small place it is easy to “see everything” – that is; explore the downtown, eat good food, eavesdrop on some local gossip, fall inlove with a fleeting stranger in a skate park.

These are the experiences that remind me what home really is. What it feels like, who makes it, where we find it, how we cultivate it.


Written by Forest Greenwell

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