Eve Merch Launch

In the much anticipated arrival of the zine Eve, we’re happy to announce that it will be ready for sale April 1st!

Taking on a new project is always kind of scary. No matter how much you know, you still feel like you’re going in a little blind. Not only is this the first publication of Eve, but it is also the first time the creator of it has ever published a zine before.

It’s been a whirlwind of a creative process with necessary lulls to make sure that what you get is exactly what we intend to put out into the world.


But not only do you get Eve The Zine on April 1st – you also get the launch of Eve The Zine merch. These articles will be available or purchase to help cover the costs of printing and producing Eve, as well as to humbly support our local girl-gangs.

Eve is made by women for women. The empowerment comes full circle and all proceeds from these projects will go straight into making more of this work accessible to more women.

Eve The Zine shirts and hats can be found here and will be available to the public in 5 short days (April 1st)


For more information and updates you can follow Eve on instagram at @EVETHEZINE or like the facebook page.

Want to know more about the artists involved in Eve? Check out our THEM page and look for the little eve logo in the corner of select interviews.

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