One thing I’ve noticed as a woman in the creative industry, is that as much as I want to be friends with the other women in this industry we’ve all got a hustle on so hard that business always comes first. And I love that. I think it’s incredible.

But as an artist, it’s kind of exhausting feeling like my community is less of one for creative collaboration by nature, and is instead feeling more like one of networking. This is a sticky web I often find myself in, especially when we bring men into the picture.

I’m not trying to make it sound like this attitude is a bad thing. Quite the contrary, I think it’s awesome to stick together in a strong structure to take down men at midnight, ya know? I want people to look at me and see a creative business force. I think we all want that in a way.

But there’s also a balance to this structure. Work hard, play hard right? But it’s hard to play. It’s hard to shut down that side of us that wants to make creative work for a purpose. That wants to produce. I think one of the best things I’ve learned in my creative life is to make things that are just for me. They aren’t for a gallery or instagram or the approval of my peers. They’re for creative expression and exploring and fucking up.

We need a place to fuck up! We need people to fuck up with!

Our muscles do this crazy thing, where if they feel safe they relax. They can ease deeper into poses and we can gain more flexibility. Just with our minds. Our brain is a muscle – the same concept applies. We need spaces to feel safe being creative collaboratively without scrutiny and without structure. We need this to make better art, deeper connections, and stronger communities.

So.. We decided to host a slumber party.

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Photos: Calm Elliot Armstrong
Vibe: between space and Shania Twains hit classic I Feel Like A Woman

So, in true herHABITAT fashion, I want to get real with you guys about this event.

It was hard. I learned a lot about team building, listening, project management and planning, communication, out reach.

Maybe piggy backing on a holiday mid-week in midterm season wasn’t logistically the best! Maybe we rode a lot out on hope! Maybe we lost some money! (actually we did all of those things).

But we learned at the end of the day everything is what you make it. We had an intimate group that played together, explored, collaborated, got creative, danced and sang all fucking night. I haven’t had that much genuine fun in I don’t know how long. It wasn’t a night of partying or gossiping or working or networking. It was just people getting together and having the space to move, be, make, breathe.

It was an ego trip, and a good one at that. Lessons like it’s about the quality of impact more than the quantity really hit home. The importance of these structures was emphasized. I realized how much not only I need it, but how much I need this community as well.

There are more photo’s to come, and there are more events like this to come as well. With slight tweaks, maybe a change of scenery and season, but all the same love an intention. Hopefully we’ll see you in our Summer Slumber.

Written by  Forest Greenwell 

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