A Glimpse Into herHABITAT w/ Britney Townsend

It’s a unique experience to be photographed in your own space by someone other than yourself. Not only are you completely in your element, you’re aware of your element. Of how comprised you are of your space, and your space of you.

How the details come across.
The boundaries of your comfort.
How people see you, and how you want to be seen.

Photography has a way of letting people in; you see things from a different perspective. Or sometimes, rarely, the exact same POV. The multitudes of our lives splayed out (or tucked away) to reveal all that we are, and perhaps some of what we are not.

I had the pleasure of spending some time chatting with Britney in my habitat, which is effectively herHABITAT HQ. Previously known as Sky Cottage.


So many things that I often over look become noticeable. The sprawling nature of all the plants. The whiteness. The subtle messes that make home home instead of just a place to live, or an IKEA catalogue.

It’s strange, yet comforting, to see my world through the lens of another. Seeing the small appreciations like the afternoon light illuminating the bathroom fern or the spices I have hung to dry above the stove. Small curations that have accumulated over 3 years and can easily be seen as a whole instead of the individual that everything in my space is.

It was a pleasure to spend time chatting with Britney and having her mosey through my space. I thought it would be an intrusive experience (as one would assume with another human crawling through your home; capturing your vulnerable spots) but I ended up not wanting her to leave when our tea was done and it was time to move on with the next parts of our days.

While she photographed and inquired, I observed and did some work. It was a comfortable dynamic that had an air of professionalism while still maintaining the warmth of friendship that I believe translated into the photos she took in her time at herHABITAT HQ.

If you want to see more of her work you can check out her website and instagram

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