What Happens When You Pursue “Why”


Why do we do what we do? Why do these things make us feel good or bad? Why pursue? Why dream?

The why is what we cling to. The intention, the reason to forge ahead. It is the gas in the engine. The true north star.

Often when I get asked about herHABITAT, or anything I do in general I get asked “How?” This is a question I never know how to answer. I don’t know how I do anything. I don’t really know anything. Except that I feel, in a way I can’t ignore, a fire under my ass to do everything I possibly can with what I’ve learned to pursue that Why.

My What, is community. Is connection. Is my need to give back everything to those who have made me, taught me, showed me, listened to me. All the in betweens of me.

My When has already started. My when is constant and vigilant.

My Why is because I need to. Because there is nothing better I can do than help others heal and understand themselves, and give them a safe space to do that. To break down the barriers of what it means to be at peace; to grow; to heal and to allow each individuals journey be as unique as they are.

But How… Well that always comes back to why. My How is simply because I know myself enough to know that I will learn better if I try –  succeed more if I do –  than if I wait for the knowledge and experience to “come” to me. My How is in hindsight, as I forge ahead and do what can only be done without rules, expectations, or the confines of what and how we think we know things.

Why is the Why so important?

Why is the spark. The inspiration. But also the raging fire that can never be quelled and then some. The why is the core of everything. It’s what you come back to when you feel lost in direction. When you feel like you’ve made a wrong move or need to get present with the motive again.

It’s important because even in it’s often nameless, faceless, seemingly directionless form the Why is what keeps the wheels on the track. The Why is the root and the foundation which we build upon.

If your Why isn’t authentic, isn’t making your heart beat so hard it reminds you of falling in love, then your Why isn’t good enough for you. If your Why crumbles under your ego, is it not good enough for you.

Why is what can contain all the possibilities of everything we can and will do. It’s what’s there when we meet the right person at the right time, and how we succeed even when we know we are free-falling.

Final notes on Why:

Forget your how. How is a facade. Everything we have the potential for is inside us. Whether we bring it out ourselves or wait for someone to show us how, we need to polish these skills by letting them tumble into our lives.

How, What, and When are essential but they are all by-products of the Why. Fear is what holds all of these things inside of us and says “you don’t have enough” when the reality is, if we have these things then we have everything. Fear is sticky and seems to want to wipe its residue on everything good. You do not need that fear to hold yourself together. Trust in your Why, it will show you that fear is the best motivator because if you can get over your own bias of what is possible then you can do anything.


Written by Forest Greenwell

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