Open Mic Night

The first herHABITAT that was open to the public was our Open Mic. It was a warm evening filled with talent, love, laughter, joy, and community. As people roamed in off the street or to come support their friends, the small intimate space was soon filled and glowing with anticipation as well as the candles that lit the room.

It was a romantic atmosphere as people were serenaded, called up on stage, and as laughter rippled softly through the room as the gentle and wild souls on stage got up to share what they’ve made with a room full of strangers and supporters.

It was a beautiful evening that really set the tone for what we’re trying to create at herHABITAT and the spaces that we want to provide and curate – not only in the community but in ourselves as well.

The evening was captured by Calm Elliot Armstrong on film and digital, and it is an exquisite representation of what it felt like to be in the room that wet November night.


If you want to host events that look and feel like this, please contact with the header EVENTS and we’ll work with you to create the workshop or event of your deepest heart.


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