What has been the hardest lesson to learn?

I think one of the lessons that I’m struggling to recognize presently is that I am not the same as everyone else and I cannot always move at the same pace and sometimes this means supporting people and recognizing that my time will come.Other times this means being humble as opportunities are given to me .

What has been the best learning experience?

Getting on a plane to Banff with a one way ticket almost three years ago now. Being literally thousands of miles away from everyone I knew  and having to learn who I was without them.  Also living on my own and having to make time for boring adult things as well as finding time for my passions .

Where did you see yourself two years ago? How does that compare to today?

Honestly two years ago I would have told you I would still be in whistler skiing every day, but I think if I had known I’d be working towards a degree I would have been proud of future me.

If there was anything about your past you could change, what would it be and why?

If I could have done something differently I would have probably told past me to wait until I had savings to move across the country.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

I think my greatest accomplishment is probably actually not one single thing but just all the hard work I’ve put into where I am today. There were countless soul sucking serving jobs and eating ramen noodles for weeks and hungover ski lift rides thinking about where I wanted to be and how i was going to get there. I am really stoked to be heading towards owning my own media business that will enable me to get in the most amount of skiing and travelling .

What does success look like for you? Have you achieved it?

To me success will be when I am finished my degree , running my own company from my favourite ski chalet or surf spot. In between there and now , success is working hard and taking advantage of what’s going on each day in my life. Happiness and mindfulness are huge as well. Allowing myself to be reasonable about what can and cannot be done each day.

Do you think you’re someone others can look up to?

Oh gosh. I hope one day I can be . As it stands I think I’m just as lost as everyone else.

Are you who you want to be? Who is that person?

I can genuinely say that I am living the life I want to live. I know that there are improvements I hope to see and things I’m working on. I am happy with who I am I just hope to be a better , more productive, more caring version of who I am now. I’d like to eat even healthier, do more yoga, finally buy a new camera, be a better skier , a better friend and granddaughter but I think I’m on my way.

What inspires you?

The locals in whistler and Tofino who have carved out careers around their lifestyle and not the other way around. There are so many rad people I have met living on the west coast who have each helped shape tiny bits of me. I can’t imagine never having moved here. It’s honestly scary to imagine that.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about photography , everything to do with the mountains but mostly skiing. I’m also a huge runner, I know it sounds really cheesy , but I get my best thinking done during my runs. I  also use running to cope with anxiety which can sometimes get the best of me.

What words of wisdom do you live by?

“do more of what sets your soul on fire” I have been known to just up and leave a whole town with a weeks notice because it didn’t make me happy anymore in that time. Not that this has to be so dramatically interpreted but I just think life goes by so fast and  you don’t have time to not be happy.

Who is your role model?

I don’t really believe in having one singular role model and I never have had one. I’m inspired by aspects of lots of people. Some people I’m inspired by currently are Rihanna and how she’s turned herself into a business power house , mark mcmorris for changing the way that snowboarding is going in Canada , but mostly just amazing woman friends around me who are going after their dreams.

What advice would you give to your past self? Future? Present?

I’d tell my past self that I wasn’t completely crazy and that everything would work itself out and to trust my heart more, I’d tell my future self that sometimes a certain project won’t be exactly perfect but I should finish it anyways and I guess I’d tell my future self to appreciate and not take for granted the work it took to get her there.

Where do you want to begin another year?

I hope that this time next year I am killing it at school, I’d like to spend a portion of next summer travelling outside of Canada. The next top places for me to go are : Japan, Greece, Spain and Scotland .

What about your life are you the most proud of?

I think that when you have moved around so much and been tossed a couple curve balls you get quite good at being resilient and making lemonade out of lemons so to speak . I admire that most about myself . I always know that I’ll be okay. I’m also really proud I decided to go back to school which wasn’t exactly a walk in the park for me to try and figure out.

What do you consider your “flaws”? Why? How have they hindered you?

I’m great at procrastinating. Honestly I deserve a medal for the excuses I can come up with in my head for putting things off. I am at this moment procrastinating by writing this. I’m also a perfectionist and I dislike doing anything if I can’t do it exactly how I’ve imagined it. I’m working towards just forcing myself to complete things as they are .

What do you think it means to be kind to yourself? How does this compare to how we are kind to others?

If we said the things to others that we say to ourselves we probably wouldn’t have many friends. I am trying to appreciate my uniqueness and celebrate it instead of trying to be more like everyone else.

What is the hardest emotion for you? Why?

Honestly for as much as I’ve just talked about being happy being a priority. Happiness is hard for me. It somewhat scares me as well because I fear it can only mean something bad is waiting to happen . Which is silly .

What do you want from your life?

I think because I’ve had such a fluid upbringing and so much moving around . I crave a home base and some financial stability . I want to be surrounded by people who inspire me and who are caring and who love wine and Brie cheese as much as I do . I want to be well travelled and also someone who has left her mark in the world. I want to bring out the best in myself in every way I possibly can .

Describe your relationship with yourself;

I wake up some days so inspired and in awe of what I can do and what I have done. But then I’ll be upset by something someone did or didn’t do on social media or a remark made towards me. I guess I’d like to accept more of the good things and less of the negative . There was a time though where I wasn’t happy with who I was at all. So to be able to really recognize that I am awesome just the way I am is a great feeling.

What do you think it means to love? 

I try to not toss this word around so heavily but I definitely am guilty of this. I am not quite sure about what it all means but it’s a pretty big word to me and holds a lot of meaning. To me love is in the little things we do for our family and friends. It’s the hand written Christmas cards my gramma still sends me, it’s my boyfriend knowing I love a certain kind of wine and picking up a bottle of it for me after my work day, it’s the mid week texts from friends across the country checking in . I think it’s also important to love people the way they would like to be loved. My boyfriend doesn’t always like the same sorts of attention I do.  I try to learn how to love people the way that makes sense to them. 

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