Do you consider yourself an artist?

What does “artists” mean to you?
Artist to me is the way that I conciously view my experiences and translate them into another medium outside the thought .

Do you have a specific art form that you work within, or is creativity more of a spectrum for you?
I mainly focus on writing and spoken word but poetry is more than just words for me it is dance, it’s any type of fluidity that leaves the body.

What inspires you?

How does your inspiration manifest?
Usually through words , it’s a conversation I am having with myself.

Do you think there is a focal point in your life that put you on this path?
Definitely when I started reading books I realized I had too much to say about everything I was learning and needed a way to organize my thoughts, it was first fire instagram captions then they turned to stanza’s, then I wanted them to be received well so I started speaking.

What is your greatest aspiration?
Co-write Beyonce’s next album……. Honestly whatever I may be doing I just want to be happy, and know that I am working hard at work worth doing.

Who, if anyone, do you look up to?
My mother. She is wise beyond her time on earth.

What do you think defines you?
Truth, I am always seeking a higher greater undeniable truth.

What is your relationship with your art?
My relationship with my art is the relationship I am having with myself, it changes day by day.

How does this relationship compare to the one with yourself?
They are one in the same

What is the most challenging part about creating for you?
Balancing mental health – I find that my best work comes from depression.

What is the hardest emotion for you? Why?
Happiness. I can never be oblivious to it, so I am always anticipating its end.

What is the significance of creating for you?
Knowing that I have control over the things I speak into my reality. The work that the law of attraction has done in my life is a creation in itself

What words of wisdom do you live by? Why?
“Everything is as it should be, so trust the timing of your life” My mother often says this. I figure if I am doing all I can than I am always in the right place.

What advice would you give to your future self? Past self? Present self?
Be present.

What are some “taboos” you face in the art community?
Especially with the territory of spoken word: only speaking the truth everyone is comfortable hearing, which is quite suffocating to be honest. Some of my work will never be shared because it need not be understood or liked.

How has your art brought about an understand of yourself/your world?
My art is a reflection of my relationship with myself and my universe it help me to fall into my place in the world.

How would you like to be seen? How do you, in contrast, think you are seen?
No particular way I am always changing and evolving




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