Cliff Jumping

I am sorry
to those I love
that I told I did not trust

It’s not untrue
in a way, like all ways
but it is not the whole story

I cannot blame those
who came before you for
how I feel now

The lack of trust
is in myself

just once blinded by love
was blind enough.

But it wasn’t just once,
or twice,
thrice –

I can’t tell you how many
times I fell
head over heels;

The many times I didn’t know
how close I was
to the bottom.

Forgive me for looking
too far ahead,
getting too close
to the edge

Because even if the end
is near, I would like to know
if below

Will break my bones,
or drown me.

Maybe there will be
a bridge to cross,
a parachute on my back

But what if it breaks,
doesn’t open,
there isn’t time?

I’d rather have
the nerve
to jump

Than to lose my breath
in the onset
of a fall (or a push).

Written by Forest Greenwell


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