The Feel Good Guide

Sometimes nothing is wrong. You haven’t had a bad day. You’re not breaking out. There is no drama between your friends, there’s money in your bank and food in your fridge. You love your loved ones and feel loved back.

There aren’t always days we can pin-point what’s wrong, which of course makes it hard to remedy. It circles upon itself creating more anxieties – why can’t I appreciate what I have? Why can’t I control my emotions? What can I do to feel better? There’s no answer. While there isn’t a panacea to these days, you can still try to alleviate the woes.

Pre Guide:

  • is there anything in your environment making you uncomfortable?
  • are there necessary things on your to-do list that may be hindering you?
  • are you physically comfortable?
  • is what you’re doing right now enjoyable in more than one way?

Try and remedy these things first. If you have dirty dishes that are burning a hole in your mind just do them. Or at least half of them. If you have the time try to get a minimum of one thing off your to-do and out of your mind. Put on some sweats, or a soft sweater, or hell even take off all your clothes! And if you’re watching netflix just to procrastinate, maybe switch to a playlist of early 2000’s jams to sing and dance along to. Procrastinate productively and move your body – let yourself feel good.

That being said, here are some fool proof ways to up your spirits (without downing spirits, or your bank account)

Fo’s Feel Good Guide:

  1. wash your hair – seems like a given but if you’re like me an only wash your hair once a week a fresh scalp can make a significant difference in how you feel.
  2. get rid of things that are cluttering your space.
  3. re-read one of your favourite books.
  4. make a playlist of your favourite songs.
  5. try meditating or practicing yoga – go the whole 9 yards and light candles, incense, and put on a soothing musical backdrop. even if you just stretch on the floor for 20 minutes you’ll come out feeling rejuvenated.
  6. drink water! half the time you feel dried out, depleted, tired, emotional you are dehydrated. If you’re a huge coffee drinker (like myself) you need to know that you should be intaking 2 glasses of water for every coffee beverage!
  7. take a bath. throw some baking soda and epsom salts in there. soak. let your hair get wet. emerge yourself completely. let your body float. close your eyes. sit there until it gets cold.
  8. go for a walk. try and spend 30 minutes outside every day even if it’s just your commute to work or to the grocery store. pet some dogs. smile at a stranger. don’t walk like you have to be anywhere. unplug your headphones and be a part of where you are.
  9. colour. sit down and colour until your fingers are cramped. colour until after 6 hours your masterpiece is done. immerse yourself in it. be it. frame it.
  10. make yourself a colourful meal. get fruit and veggies into you. make a smoothie. make a giant salad with every vegetable. experiment with a stir fry.
  11. talk to your plants! water them, admire how much they’ve grown, play some classical music for them. wipe the dust off their leaves and revel in the fact that you are taking part in keeping alive.
  12. clean your space – change your sheets, vacuum, wipe down your counters, clean your mirrors, do your laundry or at least some of it. Your space is a reflection of what’s going on inside; try to find some therapy in maintaining your space.
  13. do that DIY you’ve been thinking of. And if you haven’t been thinking of one go on pinterest and scout one out. There are millions of simple little crafts that you probably have all the tools for already – and if not, take a quick trip to the dollar store. Maybe you’ll be inspired to make your own craft.
  14. do a puzzle. Whether is a crossword, sudoko, solitaire, or a classic one with pieces. You will be preoccupied; and when you’re finished, satisfied – and even if you don’t finish puzzles are a plethora of little victories.
  15. send an old friend a message. it doesn’t have to be a conversation, but just take a few moments to really reflect on your friendship and what they mean to you. Let them know you love and care about them, that you hope they’re doing well.
  16. pamper yourself! make some exfoliant, give yourself a pedi, indulge in a hair and/or face mask.
  17. take selfies. smile. make silly faces. admire yourself. love yourself. let yourself feel sexy, and beautiful. get comfortable being in your own skin.
  18. do your full make up! pretend you’re going to the ballet, put on a fancy outfit, and do up your entire face! you don’t have to have a reason to get all dolled up and practicing your winged eyeliner with no consequences isn’t ever a bad thing!
  19. write some letters. you don’t have to send them. they don’t have to make sense or be grammatically correct. just write openly to people who you love or have hurt you or who you’re just confused about. feel and then do something with those feelings. get them out to make room for better things inside of you.
  20. make yourself a warm beverage. whether coffee, tea, or hot chocolate be your thing just grab your favourite mug and give yourself a hug from the inside out.
  21. change your phone/laptop backgrounds. freshen up your electronic spaces. clean your desktop, empty your waste basket, unsubscribe from those spam e-mails you get from that site you signed up for one time to get the answers to a dumb personality quiz you did (its ok we all do it!)
  22. look through old photos with friends, of travels, of ordinary days that you documented because the light was pretty or your food was good. this is what you have these pictures for – not to prove to social media how great your life is, but for you to know how great your life is.
  23. put some lavender oil on your temples and other stress points (for me it’s right between my shoulder blades). lavender has relaxing and stress relieving properties.
  24. give yourself a hand/foot/calf/shoulder rub. it doesn’t have to be to “fix” anything, but just relieving tension or even paying attention to parts of yourself that you don’t generally thing about can be a good thing.
  25. call your mom. call your best friend. just tell them you’re not feeling 100% and that you just want to chat. they will be there. they will make you laugh and feel appreciated.
  26. free write. zone out. write for so long you can’t even make out the scribbles on the page or remember the content. let yourself be. there is something cathartic that happens between a hand and mind, a pen and paper.
  27. do silly things. try to laugh without smiling. try to make yourself burp. fart with your arm pit. practice your impressions and accents. don’t hinder yourself for laughing alone, or at yourself. enjoy yourself and your giddiness and quirks.
  28. make a list of things that make you happy. cool buttons, sand between your toes, the shade of blue that fades to purple in a sunset, happy dogs, the smell of your gramma. write it out even if there’s 200 things on it. Keep it. read it when you need a reminder.


There are small victories we can achieve everyday. They seem like nothing, but over time they amount to something. Like Shoppers Optimum Points. It is okay to feel blue. It is okay to wallow in it and let yourself feel things. It’s okay to not want to feel the things either. Try to keep in mind all that lets you feel good – inside and out. Hopefully you’ll stop staving off the bad days and simply start making the good ones better.

Written by Forest Greenwell



download printable here

Edgar Allan Foe

mostly poet / witch / do-er of art and magic / caffeine fiend Leo Sun / Cancer Rising / Aquarius Moon

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