If you know me then you know my dog, too. Bilbur. If you know me then you know also my passion for photography. You might also know my love for DIY, crafts, and almost anything and everything that reminds me of being a kid – from building blanket forts to dressing up (myself and my animals).

I stumbled upon a photo that I’m sure has made many ways around the internet by now – but it sparked an idea in me.

 I’ve always been a lover of Vogue; you’ll find piles of the magazines in my bathroom, loft, and coffee table books in my living room filled with post-it’s and notes I’ve scribbled to myself about different inspirations and ideas. I remember laughing for at least 5 minutes when I first saw the image above, it was perfectly balanced between accurate and satrical and I once again found myself inspired by Vogue.

It was intended to start as “fashion” series, where I would dress extravagantly and Bilbur would be dressed to match. Soon though it sparked into a somewhat elaborate series in which we re-made fairy tales and built our own stories. It was a more short lived project than I had hoped due to varying circumstances, but also ended up being more fulfilling and fun than I had intended as well.

 More often than not each photo was haphazardly thought and thrown together in less than 30 minutes. Sometimes I planned them for several days. What is left is a collection of raw images that show more than anything the patience Bilbur has, but also a glimpse into my own imagination and fairytale worlds. There are countless ideas that have yet to come to life, and there are some that didn’t make the cut either. The executions are not perfect – with sometimes messy backdrops and bad lighting – but more than anything it displays how you can make anything from nothing and that the most imperfect and solitary things can be the most fun and rewarding.

Written by Forest Greenwell

Photos by Forest Greenwell

Edgar Allan Foe

mostly poet / witch / do-er of art and magic / caffeine fiend Leo Sun / Cancer Rising / Aquarius Moon

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