A Glimpse Into herHABITAT w/ Britney Townsend

Photography has a way of letting people in; you see things from a different perspective. Or sometimes, rarely, the exact same POV. The multitudes of our lives splayed out (or tucked away) to reveal all that we are, and perhaps some of what we are not.

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STICK & POKE: Need To Know / Sun + Moon Symbology

They are a reminder to stay balanced, and to honour the different cycles of the world and self, that often balance is not in the total equilibrium but in the ability to let these energies stay balanced in their own ebbs and flows. In their times of strength and weakness to support each other, like I must learn to do with myself.

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COMMUNITY: #humansofOGyoga

It took walking in the door to realize this studio was different… No one was hindered. Everyone looked comfortable. The people who were keeping to themselves had an air of relaxation instead of forced isolation. The teachers were happily chatting with the students. I realized, before even signing up, “holy shit this is a community. “

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Listen to us talk about winter, SAD, and how we feel about the cold and our advice to beat these seasonal feels. We’re recording in Wilder this time round and we’ll be back with a fresh episode Jan 26th!


“I was biased about winter, I wanted to change it so much… I think not trying to change it all the time made it easier.”

“You have the power to make yourself feel warm and comfortable… Winter is about being kind to myself and not always having to live up to these weird expectations of myself”


Empty Resolutions

We need to acknowledge why the things we want to do, but don’t, are challenging.
That’s it. It’s that simple. We look at the things we want for our lives but not the roadblocks. We push ourselves up blindly against the things that hold us back and look so hopefully at what we want we don’t realize why we can’t truly have it.

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Woo! We made it to episode three! This is a heavier one, where Teagan and I talk about the #metoo hashtag, our experiences with sexual assault, reporting, and what we hope to change in the stigma around these things. Trigger warnings: Rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment.

If you ever need to reach out to us for comfort, advice, help, a shoulder to lean on – please know our hearts and inboxes are always open and we’re here to support you.

Want to see a certain topic covered? Want you or someone you know to guest on IWS? Send a message to herhabitatblog@gmail.com with the subject PODCAST IDEA and we’ll get back to you ASAP.



What Happens When You Pursue “Why”

Trust in your Why, it will show you that fear is the best motivator because if you can get over your own bias of what is possible then you can do anything.

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**NEW INTERVIEW**What inspires you?
A combination of nature and the human condition. how you can emotionally connect with objective phenomena. How science underlies beauty. Depending on your vantage point, whether it be biology or photography, nature can appear so different to each person- yet its equally inspiring and phenomenal. 

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What are your weaknesses? How have they helped you?

Bacon Cheeseburgers. They’ve never been any help. A weakness though, that I wish to improve is sometimes being too self-involved in my own bubble. It has helped me think though my thoughts.

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Open Mic Night – 11/30/17

The first herHABITAT that was open to the public was our Open Mic. It was a warm evening filled with talent, love, laughter, joy, and community. As people roamed in off the street or to come support their friends, the small intimate space was soon filled and glowing with anticipation as well as the candles that lit the room.

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